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Celebrating Heroes amongst us

When the going get tough, the tough gets going

This age old saying rings true especially during recent times, as seen through the selfless contributions of the Star Golden Hearts Award winners.

Selected from over 450 nominations received from all over the country, this year’s 10 winners were unveiled via a virtual winners’ announcement yesterday.

This year, the coveted Gamuda Inspiration Award (GIA) by Yayasan Gamuda was awarded to Suriana Welfare Society

The annual award programme by The Star and Yayasan Gamuda recognises and celebrates everyday Malaysians who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to social work while also promoting national unity.

Winners of this year’s award represent a diverse range of social causes, including livelihood and economic empowerment for vulnerable communities, environmental health and food security, quality education for schoolchildren, and social development of people with disabilities, among others.

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“While the award began with the aim of recognising heroes who had performed an act of bravery or goodwill, we have progressed towards recognising social-focused individuals, groups and organisations that contribute sustainably towards a better society.

“Through the years, Malaysians responded with their nominations, and in the past year with the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, the response has been even more abundant.

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