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The Crusader

James Nayagam speaks to theSun about his lifelong calling as a children’s rights advocate

RECENTLY, Dr James Nayagam, chairman of Suriana Welfare Society, sat down with theSun to share his story while recovering from heart bypass surgery.

“I’ve been doing this for 40 years,” said Nayagam.

“I am actually from the corporate sector. It all began when I started helping poor children from squatter settlements, giving them tuition.

“From there, I felt a shift for my passion towards children. I shared this with my family and my mum. I told them that I wanted to do this, helping children full-time. I just could not concentrate on my corporate work.

“And so I went into it, not knowing the greater heights that it would take me to. At the time, it was a choice between security and passion. My corporate job was putting food on the table, but my passion was helping children”.

From there, he began to learn about children’s rights.

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