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What We Do

Suriana Welfare Society is a registered NGO, set up in 2011 with a primary goal of promoting and protecting the rights of children in crisis. While initially focusing on child advocacy, Suriana is currently actively pursuing the development of Preventive and Rehabilitative programmes to address social issues involving disadvantaged children and their families.


Suriana Play and Learn Center

This is a safe zone for children, especially those who return from school and are left alone while their parent(s) are at work. These children, if left to be on their own, are likely to be exposed to many social ills prevalent in Desa Mentari and its surrounding neighbourhood. More than 40 children attend Pal Centre, 5 days a week.

Suriana Sponsor a Family

Adopt a family programme

In January 2021, Suriana launched the programme where families living in poverty would receive monthly food aid through a specific Donor.


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Suriana Counselling Center

With the pressures and struggles of impoverished urban living, made more acute by the pandemic, counselling by a qualified counsellor is available for the mental and emotional health of residents in need.

Suriana School for Undocumented Children

Set up in May 2021 for undocumented children between the ages of 6 -13 years old, the enrolment stands at 11 children with a waiting list of 21 more. As these children do not have birth certificates, Suriana helps in applying for documentation on their behalf.


Suriana Volunteers

Volunteer programme for students

Suriana receives requests from University/college students to volunteer as part of their degree programme requirement or faculty’s CSR initiative. We welcome such interest and look forward to Strategic Collaboration with Institutes of Higher Learning. 


Suriana Handcrafts  

Empowering Handcrafted skills 

An art and craft income-generating and social awareness project that is committed to uplift the lives and living conditions of single mothers as well as those who have become the sole bread winners in the family.

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Suriana Food Aid Programme

Food aid 

Collaborating with corporate sponsors during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Suriana has provided food aid to more than 15,000 families. Most of these families have more than five (5) young children and some have to take care of their aged parents too.


Serving a large community of more than 30,000 residents who have to constantly struggle with financial as well as economic crisis, it is important to understand the contributing factors as to WHY urban poverty is far harsher than rural poverty. A more coordinated strategy that includes the gathering of data, developing effective monitoring systems to gauge lifestyle improvement, social behaviour improvement and other indicators to provide measurable results form part of the Suriana methodology and approach.

These results and data information will help us plan our next course of strategies and action. The same information can then be used to help influence the local and federal government to provide better policies and infrastructure to benefit the communities in need.

“Our aim is to empower the community to improve their living conditions, increase their standard of living, eradicate poverty and provide children with hope for the future. We strive for a community free from exploitation and poverty, where children can grow and develop in a safe and secure environment, and where women and girls have their rights protected and upheld,”

 Dr James Nayagam, Founder of Suriana Welfare Society

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