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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Suriana Welfare Society is at the forefront of pioneering oustanding  service and contribution to society.

Our programmes and initiatives to the community have received numeruous awards. 

And we have a report scorecard to demonstrate the impact we are making for a better future

in our communities.

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White Structure

2,500 Families

Families impacted through various programmes initiated that have uplifted livelihood

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Screenshot 2022-08-11 154657.jpg
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Screenshot 2022-08-11 154859.jpg

1,850 Families

Recent flood aids

420 Families

Monthly food aid to specific famiilies from May 2021

25,000 Families

Food aid during pandemic from March 2020 to recent

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Screenshot 2022-08-11 162950.jpg

PAL Center : 300 children

A safe play and learn center for children


Ongoing physical counselling and tele counselling


Training of 50 lay counsellors

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40 Children

Undocumented children, project started in June 2021

Screenshot 2022-08-11 155053.jpg

150 Single mothers and women

Empowering single mothers and mothers who are sole breadwinners, (with spouses critically ill) 

Handcrafted art training 

finished product marketing

Collaboration with  Kraftangan Malaysia

for retail market

Screenshot 2022-08-11 165253.jpg

350 Cases

Case referrals for help

and support

100 Mothers

Craft project income generation


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